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Fri, 09 Jan 2004
The planetarium is missing the Sun
Sara Williams of Microsoft announced the Microsoft is doing a Planet MSDN. Of course, theirs is called blogs.msdn.com, which makes total sense. They are using the weblogs.asp.net infrastructure, and I have to give a lot of credit, because these folks were among the earliest to aggregate blogs for a development community. Maybe they'll fix their infrastructure to do 304 and Gzip.

This led me to think about other commercial development communities, which led immediately to Java. So of course, there is java.blogs, which has been out for a while. weblogs.asp.net is to javablogs.com as blogs.msdn.com is to part of java.net. And indeed java.net is aggregating bloggers. Unfortunately, the blogging activity at java.net is very, very low. If I was a Java engineer, I would be begging my management to let me put some content up on java.net. Among the early adopters, Sun looks distinctly unclueful on this.

I also stumbled across lemonodor's announcement of Planet Lisp. Awesome, except like so many of the Planets, no RSS feed. (More points for MS). Althought the speed of implementation is impressive (Xach is a Lisp hacker after all). Especially considering that the Planet developers already sent us the code so we could do Planet Apache.

Planet Apache is on the way, but it's probably not happening until early next week due to concerns about oversight of the blog content. The ASF is full of "oversight" conversations nowdays. So, look for more info early next week.

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