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Tue, 06 Jan 2004
We need help with conditional GET
With the goal of helping blog software produce feeds that support conditional http GET and Gzip, I present a sampling of RSS feed URL's which fail to produce 304's. They also happen not to Gzip. In the table below, I show a semi-randomly selected feed URL and the blogging software which I believe is being used. I generated this list by hand, using NetNewsWire's bandwidth statistics window as a guide. Next time around I'll probably end up writing a script. But I hope there won't be a next time...

http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/aconrad/BlogxBrowsing.asmx/GetRss?Gotdotnet blogs - BlogX
http://weblogs.asp.net/MainFeed.aspxWeblogs.asp.net - .Text
http://www.cincomsmalltalk.com/rssBlog/rssBlogView.xmlWhatever the Cincom blogs use

Jay at Makeoutcity http://www.makeoutcity.com/RSS/index.rss gets his own special category because his feed is *huge* (400kB a shot) and does neither 304 or Gzip, and I have no idea what blog software he is using.

If the JRoller/Roller and gotdotnet/weblogs.asp.net systems would support 304 and gzip, it would change my statistics dramatically, due to the number of feeds using those systems.

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Check out the Cacheability Engine; it checks for conditional support, caching headers, clock skew, etc.

I'm about to do a rewrite to squash some long-standing bugs and generally make the code more sane, and I'll see if I can get gzip support in as well (so if you have another other requests/comments, now would be a good time ;)
Posted by Mark Nottingham at Tue Jan 6 07:47:21 2004

Ted, blojsom now  supports conditional GET. Previously we only had the GZIP filter in place. The conditional GET plugin was just added a few days ago, but I've got it running on my blog and it works like a champ. The GZIP filter has been available since early November and is enabled by default with the blojsom WAR I package up with the distribution.
Whether or not choose people upgrade to the latest version of the software and use the latest plugins when available is something I can't control. I can only put things out there in hopes that people "do the right thing".
Posted by David Czarnecki at Tue Jan 6 15:23:17 2004

Blosxom has the lastmodified plugin.
Posted by Nelson at Tue Jan 6 17:01:15 2004


Here's a site with a perl script for testing gzip


Cacheability Engine looks really good!
Posted by Ted Leung at Tue Jan 6 22:37:28 2004


If you put your RSS url into Mark's Cacheability engine
http://www.mnot.net/cacheability/, you'll find some interesting results.

There've been a number of JRoller related problems for me over the months.  I still keep getting a full copy of Carlos V.'s feed every day.  Since this isn't happening with many of the other feeds, that leaves JRoller as the culprit.
Posted by Ted Leung at Tue Jan 6 22:50:17 2004

Ted, I'd suggest filing a bug report about Roller; it seems that it should support it, yet you've identified that it isn't.  Perhaps someone on the development team would have more information -- and getting the issue on their rader in any case seems to be a good plan.
Posted by Richard Soderberg at Wed Jan 7 11:55:36 2004

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