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Sat, 15 Feb 2003
Aggie 1.0 RC5
Aggie RC5 is out. The development team has fixed (as far as I can tell) all the outstanding bugs that I was affected by. Aggie can now handle my large channel list without barfing, and the pixel stylesheet now works wonderfullyin Mozilla.

When Aggie 1.0 RC4 started choking on my channel list, I started looking at some of the other RSS aggregators out there, but they just don't fit my style. I run Aggie twice a day, once at the start and once near the end. As I'm reading, I keep my place by the scroll position of the HTML page in the browser. I do a "quick" pass over the all the entries, and use mozilla tabbed browsing to open tabs for any entry that merits more than a quick scan (this is very fast because I have mozilla set to open a new tab on middle click). Then I go through all the tabs and comment etc.

There are a few thing that I wish I could do but can't (at the moment). There's no way to build a historical archive of all the feeds that I've read, or to retain marks on entries that have value as reference material. Also, the browser based interface makes it hard to take RSS reading to the next level, which would be to employ some kind of ranking / learning to the articles (scoring or bayesian based, or whatever).

RSS items from the feeds that I read are part of my personal information history, and I'd like a way to keep all that information around and be able to search / retreive / etc. it. Once Chandler gets going and starts focusing on information management (as oppposed to e-mail), I'm going to want to integrate my RSS history as part of my Chandler maintained information. What that means for now is that I'm giving myself a twice a day lobotomy because I'm throwing away my history each time I run Aggie.

The last difficulty that I have with Aggie is that I'd prefer to have a tool that could also run on Linux. I wonder if the WinForms support in Mono is to the level of running Aggie?

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