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Wed, 23 Apr 2003
I was excited when my e-mail reported a comment from Dave Winer. My excitement quickly turned to horror when I saw the content of the comment:
I bookmarked this post because I thought this was the cruelest of all the comments I saw, because I know you to be a thoughtful person, with an interesting weblog. Do you want to talk about technology, or what? Do you realize that you're part of a lynch mob? Maybe you can write about that.

I used to read your weblog and I am subscribed to your RSS feed. But if your idea of blogging includes this kind of mob behavior, well, I don't know what to do -- maybe nothing -- but I find it very upsetting.

I hope you come down from this, and decide to get serious about technology again. I am very involved in RSS, OPML, XML-RPC and SOAP, and I promise you I will not be run out of town by this stuff. Interested in hearing what you have to say.

It was never my intention to be cruel or anything like that. So before any explanation of what I was thinking, let me say "Dave, I apologize". I regarded the whole Winer number thing as a tongue in cheek kind of honor, much like the "Big Screw" competition that we used to have when I was an undergrad at MIT. I have and have had a lot of respect for Dave and the contributions that he's made to the industry. I also know that people in our business have strong convictions that they hold tightly too. When that happens people disagree, and often times violently. I wish that wasn't the case, but it always seems to happen. I also know that some of those who have contributed the most have not always been the most popular or welcomed. So again, Dave, please accept my apology. I'm going to write about what interests me, not just technology. I'm not interested in being cruel, mean, or anything like that.

I do believe that I'm entitled to my opinion on how RSS needs to evolve. I believe that RSS has been very successful -- already I cannot imagine a world without it. However, I don't believe that RSS and RSS using tools are on the radar of most people using the internet. But I believe that they are going to get there. So if there are any issues (even small ones) that we have with RSS, we ought to try to fix them now before all the rest of those people join in the fun. I know this will break software, which costs people time and money. But I think it will cost more time, money, and aggravation if we do it later rather than sooner.

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