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Fri, 17 Sep 2004
del.icio.us linkblog
I know that many of you probably already know about del.icio.us and have probably heard too much about it. So I'm not going to comment on the REST based social-bookmarking system, other than to say that I have a set del.icio.us bookmarks, and it serves the purpose of a linkblog, so I'm just letting you all know that it's there.

Also, I have delicious category for delicious hacks, which includes useful/interesting tools that work with del.icio.us.

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Check out FeedBurner - it can integrate your del.icio.us feed with your main blog feed, amongst other things. Here's my feed, for example.
Posted by Simon Brunning at Fri Sep 17 01:52:15 2004

OK, I subscribed your delicious page. So now it is you and Warren Ellis... And, of course, my delicious page is linked as my URL in this post.
On mine you'll find less Pythonic goodness I'm afraid. But then no-one pays me to write Python (grrr).

A while back
Anita and I were discussing what to call the act of linking via delicious. After some thought I decided to use the verb 'lick', as in "I licked a page with a funny picture of Dave Winer today. Check it out."
Posted by Jack William Bell at Fri Sep 17 07:42:17 2004

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