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Fri, 09 Jun 2006
Flickr for early adopters?

Mike Arrington wrote about the Yahoo Photos Beta Launch:

Yahoo Photos is the largest online photo site with nearly 31 million unique monthly visitors (compare to Flickr’s 16.5 million). Flickr is for the early adopters. Yahoo photos used to be for the masses, but a few early adopters may be giving it a try, too.

I know that Mike is writing from the perspective of looking at the business and the features, which is perfectly fine thing to do. But the thing that is going to keep me on Flickr is not the features (although I'd like to have them), it's the community of people on Flickr. I've spent time on Flickr discovering people whose work I admire and follow, and Flickr makes it easy to do this. There are groups of people with similar interests, that I can learn from and share with. Groups like the one for the Strobist blog. For me, the Flickr on-line community has also crossed over into the real world. I've been to meetups in San Francisco and Seattle, so the connection is starting to be physical as well as virtual. I don't know if that's important to Yahoo or Flickr from a business point of view, but I know that it sure is important to me.

I'm sure that Yahoo Photos has the functionality to do all of these things. But I don't know if the people that I know from Flickr are going to be there. There are some attractive features on the new Yahoo Photos (I'm not in the beta yet, so I'm basing this on Arrington's piece), and I think that there might be some reasons that I would put some photographs up there. But the tie to Flickr is the community of people, and that's going to be the determining factor in where the majority of my attention goes.

It may be true that Flickr is/was for the early adoptors. But I also think that it's for the enthusiasts.

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