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Thu, 05 Oct 2006
Offices and Aerons

This weekend I had some stuff I wanted to write (on paper) and couldn't find any space on the desk in my office. That pushed me over the edge, and I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning my office instead of doing that work. So I was amused to read Kathy SIerra's post about her new office, and James Duncan Davidson's post about the Aeron that he bought when he went solo.

I've been working at home since January of 2001, and I am fortunate to have a dedicated office. When I worked in the Valley, I worked at many companies that believed in hardwalled offices: Taligent, Apple, the IBM Cupertino office. I can easily say that my home office is the nicest office that I've ever had. I have good office furniture, a small (too small to sleep on) sofa, doors to the outside/deck, and nice views of trees. But my office can't touch Kathy's trailer -- sorry no pictures, because I still didn't finish cleaning it.

Like James, I bought a nice office chair when I set up the home office. We had Aerons at the previous job, but even though they were trendy, I didn't like them. Being small, I found them to be cold and relatively uncomfortable. Having had repetitive stress injuries (tendonitis), I knew that things like correct sitting posture and so forth could make the difference between being able to work and being in pain. There wasn't a question in my mind that I needed a good chair, the only question was what it would be, since Aeron's were out. In the end, I got a Steelcase Leap Chair, which is adjustable in all the right ways. It doesn't have the brand recognition of the Aeron, but for me it is far more comfortable.

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