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Fri, 06 Jan 2006
Foxmarks blog is up

The Foxmarks team now has a blog ...

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What I am looking for next week

Guy Kawasaki is blogging now and today he put up a post about new Powerbooks. Here's what I'll be looking for next (I don't mind if it doesn't get announced next week, but you never know)

  • Dual Core CPU - because I'm tired of waiting for my machine - I want that second core to cut down those beachballs.
  • Big, Fast, disks - because I'm stuck on a 4200RPM disk and that makes paging pretty slow, and because between my CD collection, IT Conversations, and Canon RAW, disks are just too small.
  • A user serviceable hard disk - so that the machine can have a decent life time.
  • Higher end GPU - for Aperture, and for that 30" display that I'll be needing as my eyes age. I have my 21" running at 1856x1392, and I'm not getting any younger. Thanks to Dell for putting some price pressure on Apple. Finally.
  • Slimmer and lighter - because I have to lug the infernal thing all over the place.
  • More RAM - because it hurts to page - Intel's 945PM chipset addresses 4G, and apparently the new IBM/Lenovo T60's can take 4G of RAM.
  • At least 5 hours of battery life, preferably more -- After all, that's what all this Intel business was about, right? And I don't mean turning down the display to almost zero, and typing judiciously.
  • At least one announcement of x86 virtualization software for Windows and Linux - and that's right, that means that the disks and RAM will be too small.
  • An announcement about the number of applications to go Universal - a little confidence building there...
  • At least one Firewire port - because of all those external hard disks

That's my wishlist. I'm not going to speculate about Intel Mac-Mini's, or iBooks, or iPods, or iAnything else.

[ After I wrote this, but before I posted, I read AnandTech's Core Duo review and T60 preview - Gives you an idea of what's possible. ]

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