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Fri, 11 Aug 2006
OS X Copy and Delete at the Same Time

[via Apple - Pro - Tips ]:

The Apple Pro Tips are really good. I've learned a bunch of things that I never would have learned another way. This one is that if you hold the command key while copying to another volume, OS X will make the copy and then delete the original. I've been using Mac OS of one form or another since 1984, and I never knew about this one. Works in PathFinder, too.

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Late Tuesday

Last week we finally made it out to one of the Bainbridge Island Waterfront Park concerts. We've loved attending these concerts in past summers because they are great ways to see and catch up with people, and there have been some great bands that have performed as well. As we walked down into the park proper, I heard the end of an all female, very tight harmony rendition of "I'll Fly Away". I love tight harmony, so that got my attention in a big way. The band that day was Late Tuesday, and they were great. As we were getting settled into a spot I saw a friend down at the stage shooting some pictures. I had brought my camera with just the "short" walk-around lens, so I went down and I started shooting some pictures too. I really enjoyed the music, so by the end of the night I was really kicking myself that I hadn't brought my camera bag -- a lesson for future events. I did capture a few good moments, like when these young men were negotiating with Jocelyn Feil to get up on stage.

Of course, there's an entire Flickr set, and Late Tuesday even put a few of my shots up on their web site. They are a great band with a great sound, so go to their site, and check out the music.

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