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Fri, 13 May 2005
A Sick Powerbook goes to Houston

Things have finally settled down enough, which is to say that Tiger is installed and running decently smoothly, and I have gotten it backed up, for me to give up my Powerbook long enough for it to be repaired. It also didn't hurt that the machine was starting to do other weird things that were possibly PMU related.

When I originally called about the busted optical drive, the very first thing that the technician had me do was reset the PMU. I was pretty skeptical that resetting the PMU could affect a malfunctioning DVD, but Julie's PowerBook appeared to have eaten a DVD (its very first day in the house), and resetting the PMU got the DVD out and reset the blood pressure as well.

So all my SuperDuper gymnastics were in service of getting the Powerbook ready to go to the repair depot, which I found out yesterday, was in Houston, Texas. Yesterday afternoon, two gentlemen from DHL (one was a trainee) rang my bell with the pickup box. Thankfully, they asked me if the machine was ready to go, which it was. On Bainbridge, the various delivery services have bad habit of leaving packages without ringing the bell, sometimes even on packages that are supposed to be signed for. So I was imagining the worst case scenario, where the dropped the box without ringing, so I would then have to call them back and have them come back the next day to get the box. My brother must be showing those DHL folks the ropes.

In the meantime, Julie has graciously allowed me to commandeer her new Powerbook so that I can continue to work.

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