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Sun, 26 Jun 2005
Gnomedex 2005 Day 2

We're back from Gnomedex and settling down after all the excitement. Here are some of the things that stuck out at me.

I really liked the presentation on MindManager. Was it a product pitch? Absolutely. But it was a really good demonstration of a mind-mapping tool. I really want one of these, and when I was using Windows, I was seriously eyeing MindManger. But then I made the leap to OS X and that went down the drain. So not only was it cool to see the demo (on a TabletPC), but it seems that an OS X version is in development, which is excellent news.

The panel on Today's Digital Legalities had lots of interesting examples, and Jason Calcanis talked about his principles for dealing with demand letters from attorneys. It was nice that he was sanity checking himself with Denise Howell. Legal stuff always gives me the willies, even though I got a crash course in some legal stuff during the boom. Thankfully, Denise (on behalf of the panel) has been aggregating useful resources. The EFF's Legal Guide for Bloggers got the mention that it richly deserves.

These were the sessions that I actually managed to devote my full attention to. Julie's presentation was really well received, and after that she had a lot of people coming to talk to her, so I tried to help as much as possible (with the kids) so that she could spend time talking. It was really gratifying for me, because she has been working super hard on the talk for a number of weeks.

There's going to be an audio and (I think) video stream of the conference presentations, and Julie will post those when they are available. In the meantime, I've collected some posts about the talk:

Kitten Fluff
Just a Gwai Lo
Tris Hussey
Darren Barefoot
Derek Miller
The Scobelizer Bunny

I'm obviously biased, but I am really proud (as if I had much to do with it) of her.

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