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Wed, 13 Apr 2005
Functional Programming and Perl roundup.

[ via Glenn Ehrlich's blog ]

It's a shame that I can't deal with Perl, because sometimes the Perl guys just knock my socks off:

Autrijus Tang is chronicling his efforts to build Pugs, a Perl6 implementation in Haskell. First off, this is just plain cool. Second, I have to hand it to the Pugs team for being willing to experiment with Haskell in this way. (The Python world has PyPy, which is also cool). Autrijus explained more of the story in this interview. Reading through Autrijus' blog gives a sense that there's a frenetic level of development and community forming around Pugs. You feel the rhythm of new committers being added. I'm also struck by the amount of use of SubEthaEdit -- I know there are a bunch of SEE clone efforts underway. I hope that one of them finishes soon.

From reading Autrijus's blog, I also learned that clkao, the author of svk, has implemented the darcs patch scheme in svk -- it looks like things are already heating up in the distributed version control space. This is good news to me. While I'm looking forward to a bk-like/arch-like source code system, I participate in enough communities that are going to stick to SVN (I hope not CVS) that svk is a realistic alternative. The last time I tried it, several versions ago, I couldn't get it to talk to CVS over ssh repositories, but maybe I should give it a whirl again.

Glenn also pointed out Mark Jason Dominus' new book Higher Order Perl, which explains the concepts of higher order programming to Perl folks. The book is actually online, so you can go over and see for yourself. I find it interesting that there's this flurry of activity around functional programming in the Perl community at the same moment that the Python community is looking to reduce the functional programming capabilities of Python.

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