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Wed, 27 Jul 2005
Rails and TextMate

I finally got around to watching a Ruby on Rails movie I waited so long that I got to see the new improved one. The demo is pretty impressive, especially compared to my web app experience, which involved either JSP (pre struts), Struts, and Python CGI (pyblosxom). The net result is that I'm now more motivated to look at Django, to see if it offers a similar kind of experience. Cool as Rails is, I'm not quite ready to learn Ruby (although lots of people that I respect like it). The parts that look perlish make me break out in a cold sweat. On the other hand Ruby has continuations and Python probably never will, so if I want to play with a continuation based web framework (and yes, I know about Seaside and Cocoon Flow), maybe Ruby will end up in my language pile.

I also have to say that it looked like TextMate has some cool moves. I wonder if those moves translate well to Python.

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And CherryFlow gives you a continuation based web framework in Python, too. It uses an extension to save the state of generators, as generators are the nearest thing to coroutines (as a very primitiv form of continuations) in Python. And CherryFlow is integrated with Subway, one of the nearest things to Rails in Python. I didn't try it up to now, though.
Posted by hugo at Thu Jul 28 01:06:26 2005

Ruby has a project called Wee which is basically like Seaside for Ruby.  However, I realized that the Smalltalk syntax, the keyword messages and the ease of sending multiple blocks to a method make it nicer to work in than Wee.  On the other hand, I wrote a small script to control Xmms in about 30 minutes from the web with Wee, while I couldn't have done it with Seaside because Squeak has no Xmms library as far as I know.  Balance, balance...
Posted by Vincent Foley at Thu Jul 28 03:39:25 2005

I just started using Subway. It's slick, though not as polished as Rails. It's still too young for that, but MVC and DRY are there. Subway needs more developers working on it, and I think a lot of those free developers haved recently jumped on the Django bandwagon instead.
Posted by John P. Speno at Thu Jul 28 06:03:29 2005

I'll just insert the obligatory note that jEdit has almost every single feature TextMate has, as well as a few extras. Plus, jEdit is cross-platform and free.

As far as I can tell by glancing through the TextMate website, the only real "advantages" it has over jEdit is that it's a Cocoa application, which gives it all the requisite tie-ins what with Services and so on; plus, it's slightly more intelligent about auto-completion of quotation marks.

An interesting fact of note I just looked up: jEdit's .dmg installer is only 0.1 MB larger than TextMate's, and the .jar is 1.4 MB smaller.

Oh... there are also the free and indispensible Proggy programming fonts.
Posted by Ben Karel at Sun Jul 31 10:41:52 2005

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