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Mon, 29 Mar 2004
Impressions from Pycon
I'm slowly recovering from the PyCon experience. I had a great time; the experience was very similar to an ApacheCon. I've been to some of the bigger conferences: JavaOne, Software Development, and OSCon, but there's not the same energy (for me) as PyCon or ApacheCon. I love walking through the halls knowing that people are actively working on stuff together, not just gathering to talk about it. People are excited about what they are working on and eager to share it with others. Score one for the community organized, developer centric conferences.

I found something refreshing about the Python community as well. There's no griping or fighting with Sun or arguing about the (ir)relevance of the JCP. All of that stuff is incredibly distracting, not to mention annoying. The Python folks don't have any of those concerns. Their only concerns are making Python better, and doing cool stuff with it. Sean Gallagher reports that he had several conversations on how the PSF might attract the attention of Sun or IBM. While I'm sympathetic to the desire for validation, attention, and money, I think that the Python community is better off without the large technology vendors weighing in. There are lots of small groups of people working on interesting stuff in the Python community. Once the big guys show up, all of that will be wiped out.

I also found an interesting contrast between the PSF and the ASF. The PSF is fortunate to be focused on one thing: Python. The ASF has gone from HTTP to Java, XML, Perl, Tcl, and beyond. While I appreciate the diversity of the ASF (indeed, when I go to ApacheCon I spend more time hanging out with the httpd guys rather than the Java/XML guys), I've bee pondering about the size. Is bigger truly better? So it was very interesting to see the PSF, which is a younger, smaller organization compared to the ASF.

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Thanks for the great complements for the Python community. I agree entirely with your comments about the energy and positive attitude of the participants in PyCon. The conference closed on a warm and sunny spring day. It was a fitting end to the seven days of sprinting and networking at the conference. Participants ordered food delivered to the roof top patio and lingered on well past dark to enjoy each others company.

I think this will be a banner year for Python. It has been a long time in the making. This will be another example of an overnight success that was only 13 years in the making. (That's right. Python was first released 13 years ago.)

I have one minor nit with this blog entry. Ted said, "So it was very interesting to see the PSF, which is a younger, smaller organization compared to the ASF."

We are smaller than ASF, and technically the PSF is younger than the ASF, but the informal Python community has several years on Apache. According to www.apache.org, "the first official public release (0.6.2) of the Apache server in April 1995."

Guido, Ken Manheimer, and I organize the first Python workshop in November of 1994. This is a nit, but it might be of interest to some new Python users to learn that the Python community has been operating in this casual and cordial mode for many years.

It's great to see Python finally being appreciated  by the industry. Like a fine wine, it has been worth the wait.

Thanks for all the blogging on Python. You've done a great job of capturing the feeling of the sprints and the conference.
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Michael McLay at Thu Apr 8 20:57:20 2004

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