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Wed, 16 Jun 2004
Home schoolers - is it all about manners?
Greenspun is postulating on the relationship between home schooling and manners. I have no opinion on the matter despite the fact that we are home schooling our kids and the fact that I consider good manners desirable.

Today in a quiet moment in my office I overheard Abigail talking to Julie:

Momma, can we study Spanish each day too?
I hope that one effect of home schooling is to preserve my (almost) 6 year old's love of learning.
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Everything thats old is new. Again
Last August Guy Steele wrote:
And you're right: we were not out to win over the Lisp programmers; we were after the C++ programmers. We managed to drag a lot of them about halfway to Lisp. Aren't you happy?
I don't know if they got half way or not.

Last night I went to SeaJUG to hear Joe Bowbeer talk about Concurrency Utilities in Practice. This talk is the second of a pair covering the JSR-ized (166) version of Doug Lea's excellent concurrency libraries for Java. Concurrent Programming in Java is an excellent book on concurrent programming in general.

During the talk, I was reminded (again) of Java's great intellectual debt to Lisp. The Future construct which is part of util.concurrent and now java.util.concurrent was originally invented in Multilisp around 1985. It turns out that Juan Loiaza who did some of the work with Halstead was a senior living in the same dorm as me.

This kind of thing is a problem because people don't know where good ideas came from, and so they have no idea of where to look for good ideas when they run into problems that they don't know how to solve.

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Getting reconnected
The Sun blogs are proliferating at a very high rate. It's getting to the point where people that I actually know personally have blogs...

I'm glad to see Danese Cooper putting stuff out there. Danese's job title is Open Source Diva, and she's one of the folks at Sun that is working hard to promote open source activities in the company.

I'm also happy to see Bryan Cantrill from the Solaris team blogging away. Bryan and his co-conspirator Mike Shapiro were inseparable during their undergrad years in the Brown CS department, where they were two of the sharpest hackers (in the best way) that I met during my 7 years there. Brian and Mike are still working together as part of the Solaris Kernel team.

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OSCON Early Bird Registration
Early Bird registration for OSCON closes June 18th, this Friday. Register early and save some money.
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