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Tue, 27 Jul 2004
Conference note taking
Stephanie Booth describes her experience taking collaborative notes at BlogTalk. Reading it over reminded me of our experiences at PyCon this spring. It also got me thinking about OSCON next week. Taking notes at a conference is a lot of work, especially if you are the one hosting the notes documents -- you feel like you need to leave your machine running and have SubEthaEdit loaded at all times. With the advent of SubEthaEdit 2, it requires more coordination because you have to worry about which version of SubEthaEdit people are using. I haven't decided how much note-taking I'll be doing this week, but I'm happy to provide some web space for people who want to take notes. If people want to use the template that we used at PyCon, it's here (credits to Trevor Smith).
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Get a MacTruck?
A reader wrote in suggesting the MacTruck as an alternative to QuickerTek's Powerbook handle. While the MacTruck looks like the invincible case for a Powerbook, it doesn't solve the problem that I have. I like to wander around in conferences, and being a small guy, I don't like toting a lot of stuff around with me. If Powerbooks had battery lifespans comparable to Centrinos, I could just carry the laptop for most of a conference. As it is, I minimally need to carry the Powerbook, the charger, and a spare battery, which is really too much. Since the MacTruck weighs in at 2.4kg (about 5lbs), it weighs as much as the Powerbook does, it's clearly way too much.
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A Feedster moment
Via Feedster's new links feature I discovered r0ml's blog. Showed up even before Technorati found it.
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