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Mon, 16 Aug 2004
XMPP everywhere
Last week, Lisa Dusseault introduced me to Joe Hildebrand, a long time XMPP hacker. The three of us had a long discussion about XMPP related stuff. I looked at Jabber a while ago, before it became XMPP, and I've always been interested in it. I've also always been held back by the fact that very few people that I know are on Jabber.

One thing that I asked about was the rumor that Apple will be incorporating Jabber into Tiger. This has been well publicized on the Tiger Server side, but left a mystery on the Jabber client side. Joe didn't have a lot of new information, but I did learn that Apple is already using a slightly extended version of XMPP (to deal with Rendezvous) for the iChat Rendezvous mode. Getting iChat to work seamlessly with Jabber would be a good thing, since Apple has found the killer app to lock me in to iChat -- namely iChat AV. The ability to do this over Jabber would be a big step towards IM freedom.

We talked about the use of XMPP for machine-machine notification and the ability of Jabber clients to implement selective presence (only being visible to certain people during work or off-work hours, for example). It looks like there are lots of cool things that you could do if there were a really good Jabber infrastructure (clients and servers) and a decent number of Jabber users.

It turns out that earlier in the week Peter Saint-Andre wrote a pair of blog posts, as a rallying call in order to increase Jabber adoption. His proposal involves Python servers and clients, and possibly use of Twisted in order to get the job done. I hope that something will come of this -- I'd sure like to have great XMPP libraries for Python.

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There is pyxmppp  and here is the app that uses it with success
Posted by Nikos Kouremenos at Tue Aug 17 07:32:54 2004

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