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Mon, 26 Jul 2004
GN Netcom 6110
The folks at MobileBurn have a review of the GN Netcom 6110, which is a BlueTooth headset which you can plug your landline phone into, possibly providing a way to use a single headset with cell phone, iChat, and landline. The review is short but postive. Concerns I have:
  1. In order to be effective for my landline use, I need an amplifier (with a mute button), a feature that I have on my wired GN Netcom headset.
  2. I'd like to have confirmation that it works w/ my equipment -- Nokia 6600, iChat, and landline -- I don't want to be on the bleeding edge for that.
  3. The headset is kind of ugly
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Servlets for Chandler
Morgen Sagen is working on the parcel system that allows os to build Chandler out of a bunch of small modules. Recently we've started using Twisted to handle networking functionality in Chandler. At our staff meeting last week, Morgen demonstrated a servlet system for Chandler which is based on Twisted's web resource functionality. He's got servlets for a telnet server, a simple photo blog, a Wiki that Grant Bowman is hacking on, and the beginnings of a pyblosxom servlet. When we (re)did the design for the pyblosoxm core engine, I tried to make sure that we could use another storage system besides the traditional file system used by *blosxoms. I think we're about to find out whether we did the design well enough.

If you're curious, Morgen has put up a subversion repository with all of his stuff.

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