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Wed, 24 Mar 2004
PyCon SubEthaEdit notes.
As a sop for the real time information junkies, I'll try to post the SubEthaEdit notes of PyCon talks that I go to.

Update: bad URL fixed. Sorry for the mess.

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PyCon sprints, day 4
Today is the last day and we're finishing up on the sprints. Brian and I mostly worked on writing down his experiences with the sprint. The backup team definitely has backup working, but didn't quite get restore working. Still, this is good progress for people who didn't know anything about Chandler 4 days ago. It looks like this work will be continuing after the sprint, so I'm happy with that outcome.

Ben Laurie show up just before lunch, and a bunch of folks went for lunch and discussed capabilities in Python. During the course of the lunch, we made some progress on the technical/coding aspects of implementing capabilities. I didn't had much to contribute since I've never looked at the CPython internals. I'm unsure about the process for making the case for inclusion of capabilities in some future version of Python. There do seem to be a few distinct groups of people that are interested, so I hope that we can find some way to see this happen.

After lunch I spent some time talking with sprinters Phil Gaudette and Roger Eaton about their interest in Chandler and plans for using it, as well as getting their perspective on how the sprint went and what they plan to do (if anything) next. Phil is interested in continuing on with the dump/restore code, which is another happy outcome. Phil also informed Ben and I about RoundUp -- the nosy mailing list stuff looks very interesting. I can see a lot of use for that.

Jeffrey Harris and I went to dinner together. Jeffrey is the other offsite OSAF'er, so it was good to get to meet him in person (at last) and get to know him a little bit. We had a really enjoyable discussion, including the intentional community that he's a part of.

The talks start tomorrow, and I am going to take notes, but not blog in realtime (I think, I may change my mind). I'm probably going to use SubEthaEdit documents so maybe I'll get some help.

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