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Thu, 18 Mar 2004
Well, there went 420 days of uptime...
The trusty 1GHz P3 that is the main server for the house has been up for 420 days. Until today. One of the hazards of living on an island is that occasionally the wind comes roaring across and knocks down some power lines. It happened twice today. The UPS kept the machine running through the first outage, but the second one was too close, and the UPS wasn't able to recharge. At least the UPS can talk to Debian via nut, so there was an orderly shutdown instead of a crash.

With the hubris of long uptime now removed, I decided to try and upgrade the kernel from 2.4.19 to 2.6.4. My development server is running 2.6.1 with no problems so I figured I had tested. The next problem was that I tried to get fancy. Not only did I try to upgrade to 2.6.4, I tried to patch 2.6.4 for User Mode Linux, which I've been dying to try. That didn't work at all. The patched versions of the kernel just wouldn't build. So I scrapped that idea and just built a stock 2.6.4. Using make oldconfig which saved a huge amount of time. I wish I had learned about that one a few years ago.

2.6.4 booted like a champ and everything was fine until the system started the firewall. It seems that eth0 and eth1 decided to switch which NIC's they were assigned to, breaking the firewall rules and a host of other interface dependent stuff. After a little googling and fussing, I decided to give up. I'm supposed to fly to PyCon tomorrow, and a new kernel on the machine is just not a smart idea. So I'm going to just leave it the way it is an try to fix it when I get back. If anyone can explain to me *why* the network interfaces switched or more importantly, how I can switch them back, I'd really appreciate a comment.

Time to pack for PyCon now...

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