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Thu, 11 Mar 2004
Groovy at SeaJUG
This coming Tuesday, March 16th, I'll be giving a presentation about Groovy at the Seattle Java User's Group. So if you are interested in finding out about alternative languages on the JVM, I'd encourage you to come on out. James and the other Groovy developers have been hard at work, and I hope to be able to explain why I'm excited about Groovy. I will put my slides up after the presentation.
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PyCon countdown
Only 9 more days until PyCon. I'm flying out on Friday in order to be awake for the sprints starting Saturday morning. I really enjoy the meeting people part of conferences, so I'd like to maximize that opportunity at PyCon. If you're interested in some kind of get together (bloggers or otherwise), either during the sprints or during the conference, then leave a comment on this post, and I'll try to organize something.
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I had a great time at the Seattle Python User's Group meeting last night. The meeting was in the Construx building, which was fun, because I've been curious about Construx since reading Steve McConnell's books years ago.

People were really interested in hearing about Chandler, so I just gave an overview of what we're trying to do, what the architecture looks like and so forth. I was gratified that people seem interested in the repository and data model that we are working on. There was a minor glitch -- I'm still getting used to being a Powerbook user -- I left the special connector for VGA video connected to my display at home, so I couldn't hook up to the projector directly. But Brian Dorsey was quick of mind and we downloaded a VNC server for the Mac, and we display my screen from Brian's Thinkpad.

Brian also taught me that I could be a wireless access point for the rest of the machines in the room. The secret (after googling) is to Sharing system preference panel and select the Internet tab. Then you say share your built in ethernet connection and share it via Airport, click start, and you are done. Pretty cool if you ask me. I'm glad I learned this trick before PyCon next week.

The full notes of the meeting are on the SeaPIG wiki (taken in real time). Things that we discussed that were interesting to me were Unum, a way to deal with units in python proggrams, and hapdebugger, a standalone GUI python debugger developed by Seattle based Humongous Entertainment.

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