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Fri, 05 Mar 2004
Strictly Starkilled
After a chat with Anders Hejlsberg, Jon Udell wonders why Python doesn't have something like Perl's strict operator. Now, I don't know the history behind various Python features, so I can't comment on strict. What I can comment on is that strict is nice, but a type inferencer for Python would be better (as I've posted before).

One of the reasons that I'm excited to be going to PyCon this year is Michael Salib, an undergraduate at MIT has written Starkiller, a type inference engine for Python. Michael's web site entry is a bit out of date, but I hope that he's made a lot of progress since August. The plan is to release Starkiller under the GPL, which means that others ought to be able to hack on it, modulo conflicts with the license.

So maybe Jon and Anders will get what they want.

Also worth checking out is James Strachan's Groovy, which allows type declarations to be omitted. More on this in the coming weeks, as I get ready to do a Groovy talk for SeaJUG.

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Spam I am
My OSAF co-worker Ducky Sherwood made her way to the MIT anti-spam conference in January. Here's her report on the event. Ducky has done a lot of thinking about e-mail, and written a book about her thoughts. I was going to blog this a while ago, but obviously I haven't attained "a mind like water" (see the previous post for the details). Mea culpa. Now you should all go and beg Ducky to start her own blog...
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OSAF == David Allen Applications Foundation?
Scoble has joined the long list of people who have discovered the David Allen method. Or perhaps I should say philosophy, since it's not so much about a method as a set of principles along with behavioral patterns that you can use to implement those principles. I found Allen a few years ago via Fast Company Magazine, and then got his book. Since then I"ve been trying to adapt his principles to reduce my mental clutter, a side effect of which is being more organized. Julie picked up on it a few months ago (thanks John Porcaro), and found it beneficial.

Allen's ideas have been very influential at OSAF, and if you look through the wiki pages, you'll see that (here's an example).

If Scoble gets David Allen to start a blog, them I'm gonna have to go over to Redmond and buy the man a beer.

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