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Fri, 05 Sep 2003
A while ago I joined tribe.net (you can click to my page from the right hand column in my blog page). Since that's happened, I've reconnected with some old friends that I'd lost touch with.

Spot Draves, who was an undergrad at Brown when I was a grad student, is working on the electric sheep screensaver, which very cool. Not to mention that he's a language hacker.

Enoch Choi, a friend from my Brown days, is blogging about his experiences in urgent care.

I like the idea of tribe.net, especially for hooking up with people without all the dating overtones -- I already have an awesome wife, thank you. So if you want to meet interesting people, or find a way to hook up with old friends, go have a look at tribe.net.

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Macros and Continuations
For the past few days, Avi Bryant, Chris Double and Bill Clementson have been holding forth on macros and continuation based web servers.

On the issue of macros, there's been some discussion of Dylan's pattern matching macros and their impact on environments like Functional Developer's Deuce editor.

Chris is discovering some of the lessons that Avi learned building Seaside, at least when it comes to dealing with state.

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Python 2.3 .chm files
The folks working on the Windows version of Python are going to ship the docs for 2.3.1 in Windows CHM format. If you want a .chm version of the Python 2.3 docs, you can look or here.
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