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Wed, 22 Oct 2003
OSBC 2004 and r0ml
[via mod_pubsub] Here's yet another Open Source conference, this time focused on business. There's a nice list of speakers, but no topics...

One tidbit of interesting information from the site. Some of you will remember my OSCON notes and my admiration for Robert Lefkowitz. It appears that the uncertainty around his employment situation has settled. He's now "Director, Open Source, AT&T Wireless". Which makes me kind of wonder, what exactly are they doing with open source at AT&T Wireless? After all, they're my current cellular carrier...

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Eclipse is having its own convention. When you look at how many of the presentations are by IBM'ers, you have to wonder how successful Eclipse has been at attracting outside developers to the Eclipse core. Eclipse is definitely open source from a licensing point of view, but from a community point of view, the core still seems pretty closed. It takes time to build a community, and getting involved with such a big project is hard, so maybe I shouldn't be too hard on Eclipse just yet...
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UI Quickies
  • Jon Udell points out the work of Ben Bederson at UMD - there are many unconventional UI ideas here.
  • On the hardware side, PC Magazine tells us about the RoundPad
Seems like there might be some nice interactions.
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Redhat 9? Just say no.
I just read Don Park's evaluation of Red Hat 9. This jives with what I heard at last night's SeaJUG meeting, too. Mark Ashworth, the speaker last night, was running Suse, but he mentioned that more and more of his friends are running Debian. I run Debian for the package quality, not the politics, but it is true that there's no company behind Debian that will suddenly change the nature of the distribution.

The uptime on the machine that is {www,mail}.sauria.com is 271 days. It would have been longer, but I had to replace the UPS. This machine is regularly updated to Debian unstable. If you are less adventurous, you could set your apt sources list to use testing.

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