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Fri, 07 Nov 2003
A few days ago Julie posted in response to Anita Rowland's post about his and hers blogs. It's interesting to have two bloggers in the same house, especially when a post like Anita's comes out. We had a little conference about it, and it was some good fuel for discussion between the two of us.

As far as the effect of blogging on our relationship goes, I'm glad that my blog gives Julie a view into my world. In the early days of our marriage Julie would frequently be on the receiving end of long late night discourses about technical stuff. So I kind of look at the blog as taking over that role in some ways. Actually it makes it easier for me to talk to Julie about how I feel about things, because I've already unloaded my information dump into the blog.

I don't think that there is going to be much competition between the two of us in the blogosphere, though. My blog is a hacker (in the good sense of the word) blog for other hackers. I'm skeptical that there is going to be a large audience for much of what I'm writing about. On the other hand, Julie is writing about the themes of life. She's spending a lot of time with our kids and that experience is rich with the fundamental questions of what life is all about. I think that there would be a lot more people who are/should be interested in her writings than in mine. I'm waiting for the day when her hit count passes mine and leaves me in the dust. So consider this a plug for Julie's blog -- if you're out there and you want to take a look at an interesting blog -- try hers. And if you like it -- you know what to do...

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