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Wed, 14 May 2003
Maybe the future of the semantic web is LSI
Stefano did what I did last night and dug into all the papers on Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Actually, he did more than I did, because he got the papers and the math. But I'm not sure if he got something that I got: LSI is patented. So all that cool multidimensional linear algebra cannot be used in open source software. Does that kill the semantic web? Of course not. But it 's going to prevent community development of systems that use LSI.
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The tech press is gone now...
Dave Winer hits this one on the head:
Jon, this is the key idea -- and this is why you should be on your toes, listening carefully, because the tech press is gone now. It's been routed around. The people do it for themselves now. The reason? Too many lies, for too long. The people know they're being lied to, as I knew they were lying about the dearth of Mac software. Why shrug your shoulders and give up as if there were nothing to do about it? If you don't like the news, now you can do it yourself.
This is basically true. The quality and quantity of information available on blogs is far superior to any of the established tech press/media. Most of what you find in those channels is vendor announcements anyway. In the early years of Usenet you could actually learn something by reading news. I have that same feeling most mornings when I get up and run Aggie.

I don't know if this is going to be true for political reporting as well, but I suspect that it will be. A democratic society needs the kind of reports and debates that can happen on blogs. It's not clear to me that this is happening. I got bit by a phony story attributed to CNN during the war. For blog political reporting, we're going to need a good reputation system, and bloggers are going to have to police the facts themselves. There's a bit more at stake in reporting on the political process. It's going to be interesting to see how it turns out.

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