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Thu, 08 May 2003
Classic programs (to read)
Jarno has a wonderful suggestion that we collect a list of good programs for people to study. I really like this idea. Unfortunately, I couldn't actually think of any programs for the list.
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Applications of Continuations
Cedric wants to know about applications of continuations:

Fortunately, there's a paper with that title by Daniel Friedman at the U of Indiana.

The PLT Scheme guys wrote the original paper on using continuations to simplify web applications. This has since been implemented in Cocoon via a continuation enhanced Javascript (Rhino).

The UI Continuations in Haystack seem to be based on a similar idea, although until they drop their code we won't know if they actually used continuations to do this.

Other applications that I've seen for continuations is simplifying backtracking kinds of applications like pattern matching, search, or unification.

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OSAF Chats today
According to this Wiki page, the OSAF folks are having a pair of IRC chats today at 12:30 PST and 5PM PST. Just trying to help with publicity.
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More essays
In the wake of Hackers and Painters come:

K5's commentary, including a new one titled If Lisp is So Great.

Reminders of an old Dick Gabriel Essay: Mob Software.

A recent Dan Bricklin piece that's very related to Hackers and Painters: How will the artists get paid?. I wonder how far we can go with Hackers and Painters. Are there some ideas in here for changing the economy of software, especially those who want to devote more time to open source software?

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CPS for Perl
Dan Sugalski gives a nice tutorial on continuations and continuation passing style (CPS). Then he ends with this:
Still, in a register rich system CPS is definitely pretty darned cool I'll admit, after this, I'm almost tempted to shift Parrot over to a full CPS system. Almost....
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