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Fri, 28 Mar 2003
Topic rolls
Matt Mower's work on topic rolls is really interesting. I keep lamenting the lack of multiple categorization in in PyBlosxom, and things like topic rolls are a good example of why. Ultimately I think that the inability to do stuff like this is going to force me to move off of PyBlosxom. While I appreciate the simplicity and elegance of the blosxom filesystem storage model, I keep finding things that are too hard to do with just the filesystem. The only way I've heard about doing multiple categorization is to use symbolic links, which just doesn't cut it for me.

The other difficulty that I'm running into with PyBlosxom has to do with its implementation as Python CGI's. I really like Python, but there are a bunch of things that would be a little easier if the blog software were implemented as a Java web app. I think that mod_python can solve this problem, so that is not as big a concern for me as the storage model.

Rys McCusker has started writing about the Chandler storage subsystem to the OSAF Wiki, and it looks like the pyre level will handle synchronization / replication, which would make it the perfect storage subsystem for a lot of things that I have in mind.

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Eclipse 2.1 final
The Eclipse 2.1 build is now available. There is a long description of what's new. Major features for me include:
  • Emacs key bindings
  • New Ant view and editor
  • Linking to external files and directories (so others will stop harping on this)
  • Linked rename
  • More and improved refactorings
  • Add Delegate Methods dialog
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