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Wed, 19 Mar 2003
I actually won something
Last night was the monthly SeaJUG meeting. It happened to be one of the nights when Jayson Raymond, the SeaJUG chair was giving away some of the books that publishers periodically send him. His method: stick his finger somewhere in the book and announce the total number of pages, followed by a flurry of guesses as to what page his finger is in. Closest guess wins. Last night I actually won a book. Not only that, I actually wanted to win the book, which was Hang Ngee Mok's From Java to C#: A Developer's Guide. I'm not sure it's the greatest book on C#, but I just need something to get me going on my .NET exploration. And it does describe the Global Assembly Cache.
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What Should I Do with My Life?
I've been reading Po Bronson's What Should I Do with My Life?. I decided to read it after reading a description of The Grotto in John Lam's weblog. The book is a collection of stories of people who were at various stages in their journey to understand the question that is to book's title. Bronson's experience contradicts the conventional wisdom of many people pursuing a dream -- work some job, get enough money to tell the world to take a hike, and then go do your thing. Very few of the people that he chronicled did that. I appreciated the interweaving of his own journey with those of the people that he interviewed.
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Us too...
From Andy Oliver:
I'm game. Send me email and I'll give you CVS access on my server and we can check all of our code in there and start refactoring. Last time I tried and downloaded what you had it was just a jar and I couldn't quite figure out what to do.. If we can get all the source together and such we can make this happen for real.
Check your e-mail...
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