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Wed, 30 Jul 2003
Microcontent quickies
  • Steve Gillmor and Rajesh Jain both agree that RSS means new life for fat clients. Rajesh has picked up on the Chandler as microcontent client meme.
  • Via the Floating Atoll (sorry, I couldn't find your name) another good source for an RSS feed: PhD dissertations. I'd expand that to all theses and technical reports (or the equivalent depending on the field). That kind of leads to the next item.
  • Tom Coates observes that daypop and blogdex have been overwhelmed by political posts from the U.S. and calls for balkanizing them, so that there is some opportunity for other ideas to be heard and found. There's a role here for topics and categories. People have been talking about topical weblogs but I'm not sure I'm ready to go that far. I am more than happy to have topical aggregators like JavaBlogs or SeaBlogs, etc. where I can go to trawl for new bits.
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DAV client cache == good
Mark posted in response to my suggestion to merge Subversion with his client side WebDAV cache. I totally agree that the cache should be a general DAV+DeltaV cache. I just think that some of the Subversion / DeltaV stuff may help in resolving merge conflicts when you try to sync the cache after being disconnected for a while.
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CPS in Parrot
I was very happy to read that Dan Sugalski decided to go with continuation passing style (CPS) as the internal representation for the Parrot VM. But things that are internal could be made visible, which would make Parrot a good candidate for hosting Scheme or Stackless Python. Very interesting.

Reading Dan's post rang a bell in my head regarding CPS and Static Single Assignment (SSA) form. When I left graduate school. SSA was becoming the IR of choice for compiler optimizations. Richard Kelsey wrote a paper regarding A Correspondence between Continuation-Passing Style and Static Single Assignment, which showed how to convert programs in CPS form to SSA form and the reverse. There are few CPS programs that cannot be converted to SSA, but they are not generated by the usual Lisp/Functional language to CPS conversion algorithm.

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X# is real....
Werner Vogels is out at Microsoft for the Microsoft Faculty Summit. One of the things that he discovered is that X# is based on Meijer and Schulte's paper Unifying Tables, Objects, and Documents.
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Timewarp debugging revisited
It turns out that some folks out there have been working on time-warp debuggging for Jave. There's Bil Lewis' GPL'ed Omniscient debugger, as well as Visicomp's " RetroVue, the Total Recall Debugger", which is available for $995.

Someone at Eclipse should start paying attention...

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