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Mon, 21 Jul 2003
Microcontent infrastructure
Here's some recent posts on microcontent infrastructure issues:
  • Scott Johnson on the feed vendor's point of view. What it's like to have all those aggregators hammering you all day long.
  • Phil Wolff reminds us that
    Authentication is a key to making cache and P2P reliable when shared materials expire quickly, you want to make a feed's content private, or you need to trust your sources.
  • Gary Burd tells us how Shrook allocates/distributes the new post notification work.
  • Rajesh Jain's distributed, human-edited blogsearch is going to add some infrastructure requirements as well.
Note that almost all of these are focused on blog post microcontent...
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Inaugural microcontent quickies
I decided to bite the bullet and create a microcontent category anyway. Here's some items from the last few days to get it started:
  • Dave Winer's list of RSS 2.0 modules/namespaces.
  • Ray Ozzie is asking about e-mail as RSS. E-mail is microcontent. It's just delivered differently from RSS (SMTP vs HTTP) and less structured, with less metadata. I suppose you could ask about e-mail as XML (but some will probably punch me for that).
  • Phil Wolff has a very interesting post about two way communications between blogs and eBay. This is the beginning of what Tim O'Reilly was talking about at OSCON. Sites like eBay are going to become platforms. And a lot of their content/data is microcontent.
  • Phil (again) and Matt Mower are talking about hooking up CVS, RSS, and (in Matt's case) ENT to form a kind of CVS blog. I'm all in favor, but let's do it on top of subversion.
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FOAF day
Technorati's support for FOAF pushed me over the top to create a file. For your FOAF'ing pleasure, I'm putting up the links that I looked at all in once place.
  • To create the initial file: Leigh Dodd's FOAF-a-Matic.
  • To look at who knows who, the FoaF Explorer and bookmarklet
  • Danny Ayer's list of Edd Dumbill's FOAF tricks. I've already done the digital signature.
  • The FOAF project
  • The rdfweblog .
  • FOAF on the Atom Wiki
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