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Wed, 15 Jan 2003
Hooked up with Wari
I was finally able to hook up with Wari Wahab, the author of pyblosxom. We're going to put my stuff into CVS. As soon as cvs.sourceforge.net comes back. In the meantime, I've implemented a url blacklist feature for my referer plugin. Look for it when CVS comes back.
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Classpaths - a neverending source of pain.
The Java classpath mechanism is probably the number one source of wasted time. Just look in any java related mailing list and you'll find piles of messages related to hosed classpaths. Why isn't there a JSR to replace the classpath mechanism?

Today Bill de hÓra wrote about fixing the classpath mechanism by allowing it to read from an XML file. The problem with this solution is that people keep their jars all over the place, so you've just moved the problem around. Even then, you have the problem of getting the various version dependencies right.

One of the comments references Uberjar. I can see the appeal of this approach, because you ought to be guaranteed that you get all the right versions. I'd prefer to see something that didn't copy jars all over creation, even if disks are cheap now.

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False alarm.
Okay, I decided to do this on a different machine, so things should be stable around here. I've got a comment system limping along, but I don't like how it integrates with pyblosxom, so I'm going to (of course) re-write it. There's a lot changing in pyblosxom right now, so I'm going to catch up with the changes and then go from there (assuming that I can get to cvs.sourceforge.net, which has been unreachable for almost a day)
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I'm going to be adding comment support today. Watch your head...
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