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Sat, 11 Jan 2003
Eclipse 2.1M4 broke my Tomcat plugin...
Grrr. Upgrading to M4 from M3 busted my tomcat plugin. I can start tomcat once. But I can't stop it. And after it does stop, I can't start it again. Starting Eclipse with a blank workspace solves the problem. So now I'll have to build all my projects again. That's what you get for using development builds.
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We're limping along.
I think that I've got my pyblosxom blog to the point where it's limping pretty well. The only major thing that is missing before I go live is comments and trackbacks.

In the process of setting up my categories, I've been bothered again by the fact that I can only assign a single category. Searching will probably help this quite a bit. I guess I need to work on that too.

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AOP Round n
There's a 3-way dialogue going on between Rickard, Ted Neward, and now Bob Lee (Mr. jAdvise). One of the great things about blogs is the chance to do this kind of intellectual refinement out in the open. In the early Usenet days, this actually used to happen in newsgroups, and still happens in select mailing lists. The problem with mailing lists nowadays is that there are still too many people piling on, and you have to know about the list, subscribe, etc. The thing that I like about blogspace is that slowly, overtime, the really good blogs start to reference each other. This particular dialogue reminds me of my days as a CS DBPL grad student.
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My first pyblosxom hack
Yesterday/Today I did my first pyblosxom (and actually, first Python) hack. I wrote a plugin for pyblosxom that uses the logging file and displays the last 15 unique referrers. It was a good Python learning experience. I guess comments are next...

I also installed a new UPS on my firewall box. Hooked it all up with NUT. Everything seems to be working fine. The UPS is telling NUT status, and NUT is shutting down the computer when there's a problem. Maybe now Bainbridge's power outages won't cause quite so much fear. Of course, there's still my desktop machine...

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