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Thu, 27 Feb 2003
"Strike him down, and your journey to the dark side will be complete"
My copy of VS.NET arrived today. This is an exploratory thing for me, thanks to a friend who works at Microsoft. Since I'm in meetings the rest of the day, and because I've heard horror stories about system crashing installs of VS.NET, it may be a while before I get this installed. Stay tuned for an experience report.
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Sam saw my post on the Chandler release and noted that there's no support for RSS mentioned. I agree that Chandler can become the aggregator to combine email content, instant messaging content, news, blogs, updated product information, etc all in a unified interface that James Snell was talking about.

I know that RSS has come up on the OSAF design mailing list, but I think (rightly) that the OSAF staff is trying to manage expectations about the 0.1 release. I know that as soon as the code comes out, I'm going to be looking at it very carefully. I've wanted to do something like Chandler since the early 90's, and I'm very excited by the possibilities. This is one of the reasons that I got involved with pyblosxom. It see using the Chandler data store as source of blog entries for pyblosxom. We've been doing a major overhaul on the internal architecture of pyblosxom, which will appear in 0.6. The changes that we've made should allow pyblosxom to continue to be blosxom directory compatible, while enabling entries from SQL databases or Chandler stores. We're also going to have the ability to plug in renderers, so that we can do a Cheetah based renderer in the future. If we do it right, our plugins will work regardless of entry or renderer type. The brave can get the latest from CVS, but right now, all the wiring is exposed.

As far as aggregators for Chandler go, either straw or EffNews could be viable starts at Python aggregators. Much as I like and use Aggie, there's the .NET CLR issue at the moment -- unless Joe has got Aggie running on Mono now.

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