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Sun, 16 Feb 2003
Graph filesystems
Don Park describes a "Web of Files" I really like this idea -- For a long time I've wanted a filesystem and UI where files could live in multiple directories (categories) at the same time. This basically turns the filesystem into a graph instead of a tree.. Yes, I know this is possible in Unix / Linux, but the user interface for this is too inconvenient. Actually, a good UI forthis would be a great feature for Nautilus, along with the "related" and website functionality in his example. One thing that I've found is that its impossible to remember where documents come from. In MacOS 8 (the last time I used it regularly), some programs would put the source URL into the Get Info comments. Alas, no such function in Windows or Linux.
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Today I installed mod_gzip on the web server in hopes of reducing the bandwidth consumption. I spent quite a bit of time trying to get my blog pages to compress. I'm using mod_rewrite to hide all the Python CGI's, and there was some kind of weird interaction. Here was the fix if you care:
mod_gzip_item_include uri ^/blog.*$

Looking at the mod_gzip'ified logs reveals that many aggregators are not dealing with gzip compression. Gzip encoding isn't being done because the client (aggregator) is not sending an HTTP Accept-Encoding header that includes gzip. After a few hours, here's a list of the offenders:

  • Bottom Feeder
  • Hep/0.3
  • Radio Userland/8.0.7
  • Syndirella/0.91pre
  • Syndirella/0.9b
  • Some unknown Java client from
I'm going to let this go for a little longer before I start e-mailing the authors of the various aggregators.
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