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Sat, 13 Dec 2003
Cold and Quiet
I've noticed a few more things as a result of my Powerbook switch (some of these probably would have happened had I switched to a Thinkpad as my primary machine, too). My office is now cold, and quiet. I've hardly turned on my workhorse Windows box since I got the Powerbook. The only things I'm using it for are to watch TV, which is only figure skating on the weekends that something is on, and to download my personal finances, which are still locked up in Microsoft Money. The workhorse is a home grown dual P3 750 with two 21" displays attached, and when it's running there is a noticeable amount of noise. And heat as well, although I never noticed how much. It's noticably cooler in the office now, and that's bad because it used to be the warmest room in the house by far, perfect for an East Coast boy who's forgotten what its like to be cold. I suppose that I'll have to resort to putting the Powerbook in my lap to keep warm now.

Ergonomically, a few things are still not right. I need to get a KVM switcher so that I can put the Powerbook onto the keyboard and mouse that are on the keyboard arm on my desk. I'm getting shoulder and back cramps from working hunched over the Powerbook while its on my desk. In the lap, it's fine, but I like the big display when I'm programming.

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What could have been
When it came down to new equipment choices, it was between the Powerbook and an IBM Thinkpad T series (ideally a T41P). Jeroen Frijters of IKVM fame shows the kind of stunts I might be pulling had I gone the WinTel route... At the moment, though, I have no regrets...
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