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Fri, 12 Dec 2003
More Mac software
Today I installed some more software in the name of making the PowerBook more productive. Today's candidates:
  • DragThing I used DragThing in my previous Mac life. In this life, I found the bar to be too huge for me. If I did more by drag and drop I might feel differently, but one of the reasons for coming back to the Mac was command line shells. Going to uninstall.
  • LaunchBarThis looks like a winner - an easy to use way to assign key strokes to apps, folders, and documents. Less mousing or touchpad. Going to buy.
  • FruitMenu This may help in managing all the Applications that I have installed. I'm not sure I'm going to have a Launchbar key combination for every app in the system. Being able to do some customization of the Apple menu is good. Going to try it some more.
  • CodeTek Virtual Desktop The Expose aware version is out, which is what prompted the installation storm. It works pretty much as it should, although sometimes there are surprising interactions with command-tab switching. Right now the biggest problem is that it's switching my secondary screen when I switch virtual desktops, even though I've told it not to do that. Im using my 21" display at 1856x1392 (what a strange resolution) as the main display (it has the menubar), and the powerbook display as a secondary. I keep iChat and IRC on the secondary to keep all the comm stuff in one place. So I want it to be pegged there. Going to hope there is a solution for my problems.
  • Default Folder X It's a crime that after 6 years away from the Mac, I still need separate utility to make each application remember what files and directories it visited. I also don't care for the way that the Open/Save dialogs are modified, but once you've used this functionality, you have to have it. Going to buy it.
  • Windowshade X There's no such thing as enough screen real estate, even with virtual desktops and Expose. This version of Windowshade has good shortcuts for windowshading a window and for making it transparent, which is really useful. Going to buy it.
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