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Sat, 30 Aug 2003
Tagging conventions for microcontent
Jon Udell has put up his structured blog search which allows you to write XPaths over an XML representation of his blog and get some useful information out of it. In the accompanying blog post he makes the plea for well formedness, since that makes things easier. No argument from me. What I'm more interested in is a description of his tagging conventions.
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Dynamic language omnibus
  • Chris Double has a series of entries covering continuation based web frameworks, continuation based web servers, and SISC.
  • Bill Clementson moved his blog and picked up an RSS feed. He also picked up some continuation based web server papers that Chris missed.
  • James Strachan and Bob Werken over at codehaus are building a java friendly dynamic language. The goal is to integrate well with Java and be familiar to Java programmers. I'd guess it would be C# friendly as well, which means that if the MS guys keep their promises to improve the CLR for dynamic languages, Groovy will end up being better on CLR than on the JVM. I didn't see any references to continuations. There's a reference to Bachrach's JSE.
  • Alex Martelli weighs in in the Ruby vs Python discussion.
  • Michele Simionato and Jimmy Retzlaf report on their experiences with Psyco, the Python partial evaluator.
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Categorical indirection
Don Park's post on how to link blogs and wikis is actually an instance of the following. Take a category, or view (if you prefer database terminology) and send it off to somewhere else. This is cool, and another reason why multiple categorization would be useful. Each category can do its own rendering, transmission, etc.
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Rating conferences
I read Werner Vogel's post on valuing conferences and started thinking...

Why not build a web application that lets you do this both before and after conferences? That way you could see if expectations and reality met up. By allowing many people to do this, you might be able to come up with a way of recommending conferences to people. If conference organizers were willing to cough up some of their evaluation data, you could use that as input as well. Maybe something like this would work as a sub-application of a site like tribe.net.

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