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Fri, 18 Apr 2003
John Lam is generating code
John Lam has posted this set of articles related to the role of code generation and programming, with a promise to post a real example of what he's espousing. This is going to be an interesting series to watch. I haven't had a chance to look at GSLgen yet -- I wonder if I'll end up saying "See, Lisp macros, Good!" or whether GSLgen will go beyond. I really need to get a copy of Czarnecki's Generative Programming.
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Good open source fonts
The folks at Bitstream have released Vera, a beautiful set of fonts available under an Open Source license:

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SFX - The Science Fiction Experience
I've been by the EMP (Experience Music Project) a few times, but haven't actually been inside yet. I figure we can wait for that until the kids are old enough to enjoy it. But this might just get me inside a little sooner than I thought...
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RSS Content Pipelines or Tuple Spaces
I'm just now catching up to Clemens Vasters' post on content pipelines. The kind of architecture that he is describing is precisely the kind of architecture that I'd like to see a next generation RSS aggregator use. On interesting variation on this would be to use a tuple space instead of a pipeline, and have the web services get and put RSS items into the space. Actually, it's kind of an interesting idea to figure out how to make WS-Routing work in a tuple space kind of environment.

Sam is writing about concurrency in the 100 year language, but he only mentions closures and continuations, which are ideas that are many years old. What about the implicit parallelism in functional programs? What about actor languages? What about tuple spaces? There's a whole bunch of programming language ideas that still need to be explored. And one of them might be the one our kids are using 100 years from now.

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