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Mon, 07 Apr 2003
RSS Action
There's something in the air over RSS.

This weekend's frenzy of 3PDNA's has carried over today, with the author of Syndirella expressing that he may stop development, and a host of blog posts about SharpReader (which I like, but as long as there's no source, I can't see moving to it -- I think it'd be great for something to coalesce around Dare's RSS Bandit and the Syndirella code base, sprinkled with some Magic UI -- This would be a great project for me to cut some .NET chops on, much like pyblosxom has been great for Python. But I'm working for a client until May, so I'll probably just quietly read code and kibitz). In an ideal world of 3PDNA's, we'd merge all the features of the RSS backends, port Magic UI to the C# bindings for SWT and have a 3PDNA for Windows and Mono...

It's not all about readers though. Sam, my favorite troublemaker has exposed the ASF Gump runs via RSS. There've been a bunch of posts about cvs2rss (Subversion folks are you paying attention?), and tonight the SD Media group showed up with a bunch of feeds with all of their magazine articles. I'm starting to think that all the info I care about could end up in RSS. Which would really put the pressure on to bust the RSS aggregator paradigm. Pretty soon my Aggie page is going to crash Mozilla. And we'll want archiving, searching , filtering, rating/sorting/scoring (and the next thing you know we'll have ported GNUS).

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I just had to add this...

RSS reading within GNUS, using nntp//rss.
Posted by Jason Brome at Tue Apr 8 04:55:47 2003

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