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Tue, 16 Dec 2003
1and1 Equals?
I was talking with a friend last night and he told me that he's hosting his new web site over at 1and1. 1and1 is running a 3 years free hosting promotion until Jan 14, 2004. The list of stuff sounds pretty impressive, but I'm skeptical. Is anybody out there using 1and1's service? Is it any good? Can it run Movable Type?
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I have a mini-review on my weblog.  So far the service is pretty good.
Posted by Niel Eyde at Tue Dec 16 18:31:35 2003

Nazi's of the Internet.

1and1 is the WORST host/registrar on the web. Most domain name registrars do not use threats, intimidation and extortion to renew domain names, But, one and all, 1and1.com DOES. Just have a look at this gem from 1and1 billing:


701 Lee Road
Suite 300
Chesterbrook, PA 19087
1&1 Internet Inc.
Dear 986987697,

Our declined debit note informed you of the current amount due to your customer account, and we politely requested settlement.
Unfortunately, we have not to this date received payment and therefore will have no alternative but to terminate our services.

Invoice ID Invoice Date Currency Amount Net Due Date Dunning Level
USA .com/.net Domain II
USA .com/.net Domain II
5.99 $ 01 06/15/2005 06/15/2005

Total amount due $ 5.99
In Accordance with our Terms and Conditions we will place a temporary freeze on your 1&1 package(s)
in 3 days unless you reply to this letter or we receive payment in full.
If payment is not made in full within 10 days, we will have no alternative but freeze your account and
transfer this matter to a debt collection agency. In addition to any agency costs there will be a service
charge of $18.95 added to your outstanding amount and your server contract will be terminated.
Page 1 of 2
In order to reactivate your account, please transfer the outstanding amount to:
Citibank, N.A.
Account No.: 54348256 (1&1 Internet Inc.)
ABA No.: 021000089
When making payment please ensure that you quote your 1&1 customer ID and your invoice ID.
Upon receipt of the outstanding balance we will reactivate your account.
If we do not receive payment by 06/29/2005, we will have no alternative but to transfer this
matter to a debt collection agency. Any additional costs incurred (agency costs, default interest, etc.)
will be added to your account to be paid in full by you.
If you have activated a domain with 1&1, we retain the right to disconnect said domain.
Your 1&1 Team

Do yourselves a favor and find a registrar/host that understands that we sometimes are away from the computer for a few days.

Also, the control panel of 1and1.com is the worst peice of trash concieved by man.

Obviously, I will remit my fees and transfer all domains to a less threatening host/registrar.

These buisness practices - regardless of the TOS - are illegal. Anyone want to begin legal action against this company, contact me.
Posted by
1and1 sucks at Wed Jun 22 21:10:10 2005

1and1 billed me for services I didn't sign up for, tried to charge a credit card that was several years expired, then sent the bill to collections. The comments on my posting on the topic suggest I'm far from the only one. Their business practices are located somewhere between inept and criminal.
Posted by Alex  Halavais at Mon Feb 13 08:24:00 2006

I have read with great interest the comments about 1&1 and their cancellation policy, automatic renewals without notification and their use of a debt collection agency to enforce their policies.
I myself have had problems with 1&1. In July, they automatically renewed my domains without any notification and in full knowledge my card which they were holding on file had expired 6 months previously.
The first contact I had with 1&1 was a letter demanding the payment of 15.12, which was surprising, as I had had no previous contact with them. The letter also threatened to refer me to a debt collection agency which would incur a further 15.00 penalty.
When I asked why I had not been sent a notification Email prior to the expiration of the domains I was told this was ‘not their policy to do so.’ I thought this rather unfair, as by not doing so, they were effectively trapping customers into a further extension of contract who, should a reminder had been sent to, may have cancelled.

This raised an interesting point as 1&1 are ICANN accredited and under the terms of the accreditation agreement, the registrar (1&1) must send an expiry notification Email to the domain name holder prior to the domain expiring. This is stated in the rules clearly laid down my ICANN.

Below is an extract from the ICANN ombudsman’s FAQ page:

“Are registrars required to give renewal notices to domain name holders before the expiry of a domain name?”

“Under ICANN's Registrar Accreditation Agreement domain name holders have to be sent an email notice prior to a domain expiring. The email address will be the one you list on WHOIS, so it is important for you to keep it up to date. If the email is sent to the email address on WHOIS, and that address is no longer valid, the Registrars may little other chance of contacting you.”

You can view the original text from the ICANN ombudsman’s website here:
In addition to the above, 1&1 is also in breach of ICANN accreditation agreement by renewing the contract without assurances of payment for the services being renewed.

"3.7.4 Registrar shall not activate any Registered Name unless and until it is satisfied that it has received a reasonable assurance of payment of its registration fee. For this purpose, a charge to a credit card, general commercial terms extended to creditworthy customers, or other mechanism providing a similar level of assurance of payment shall be sufficient, provided that the obligation to pay becomes final and non-revocable by the Registered Name Holder upon activation of the registration."

The fact that 1&1 renewed my domains in full knowledge that the card had expired 6 months previously has contravened the above accreditation clause.

"3.7.5 Registrar shall register Registered Names to Registered Name Holders only for fixed periods. At the conclusion of the registration period, failure by or on behalf of the Registered Name Holder to pay a renewal fee within the time specified in a second notice or reminder shall, in the absence of extenuating circumstances, result in cancellation of the registration. In the event that ICANN adopts a specification or policy concerning procedures for handling expiration of registrations, Registrar shall abide by that specification or policy."

It may be argued that automatic renewals without prior notification are not fixed term contracts, but are an indefinite contract. Indefinite contracts are non-compliant with ICANN regulation 3.7.5.

The above demonstrates how 1&1 are not fully complying with the industry best practice as set out by ICANN and in not doing so, are gaining at the customers detriment and to the disadvantage of other companies who fully abide by ICANNs rules.

I have discovered 2 websites that are worth looking at:
www.wasitfree.com (self help group regarding issues raised here)
www.bankraid.com (scrutinizing the business conducts of the aforementioned company)

Hope this information is of some assistance.


Posted by Jason at Thu Oct 12 19:31:48 2006

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