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Wed, 12 Nov 2003
Official ASF wear? Probably not...
It seems that I influenced Steven Noels to get a Brain Bag from Tom Bihn. Now there'll be two of us walking around with them at ApacheCon. Unfortunately, mine won't have a PowerBook in it...

Next on Steven's gadget acqusition spree should be a SCOTTeVEST. I bought one of the 2.0 vests, and it has been a winner (aside from being just a tad big for me). I would really like to do the Three.0+ System with the zip in fleece, but I already have an arrangement just like that. One thing that I've learned from that arrangement is that in theory this is a nice idea but in practice it doesn't work well. I am *always* cold. So wear the fleece liner a lot. When it's not super cold then I'm always putting the shell on, but then the weather changes and I'm taking off the shell, and its a pain. I don't want to imagine that pain plus the added pain of loading / unloading all the devices from the shell to the vest and so forth. So the fleece would actually make sense for me.

I have a fleece that I wear around the house that is 7 years old. It's special because Julie made it for me back when we lived in the Valley. Unfortunately, it's got a hole in it because I wasn't careful around a beach fire that I was tending. Maybe when that well loved fleece has reached the end of life, I'll get a Scott fleece.

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Source control systems
Today at work we were venting a little bit about source control systems. CVS has been a great help to open source development but it has 2 major flaws:
  1. It is theoretically possible, but practically impossible to go backwards in time, because there's no notion of a changeset that can be backed out.
  2. It doesn't version directory moves or renames.
There are others, but these are the big two in my mind. Possible solutions include (in no particular order):
  • Perforce
  • Arch
  • Bitkeeper
  • Subversion
I'm biased against Perforce and Bitkeeper because they aren't open source. I'm also biased against Perforce because I don't know much about it. I'm biased towards Subversion because a lot of ASF'ers working on it, but I'm nervous because this will be the 3rd ApacheCon that I've gone to where Subversion hasn't yet reached beta.
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Travel Schedule
Okay, so now I'm doing this too...

November 15-20: ApacheCon 2003, Las Vegas

December 1-5 (leaving PM): on site at OSAF in San Francisco.

If you are in the intersection of dates and locations and you want to get together, leave a comment or drop me a note.

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