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Sat, 08 Nov 2003
Mobility at Dartmouth
Naval at VentureBlog had a great post about unwired/mobile computing at Darmouth. This one goes hand in hand with Ray Ozzie's post about extreme mobility.

On the hardware side this underscores the importance of long battery life and low weight in order for this kind of work/life style to be viable. I think that Intel has made a wise investment in Centrino.

On the software side, the page on Blitzmail was interesting. There are probably some lessons in there for Chandler...

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I snuck out
We had a few more free skating coupons (they were in the newspaper, and newspapers are cheaper than skating sessions), so I snuck out this morning for a last weekday skate before I start at OSAF on Monday. I also wanted to try out the sharpening job that I had done after the end of the session last Sunday. The sharpening helped some, but I was still having trouble with the left inside edge.

I've been skating on my hockey skates because its easier to do that with the kids. Today there was someone helping people with various skating moves (as well as serving as a skate guard). We go to talking because the rink is looking for people to play hockey, which is not something I want to do at this point. So I asked her about figure skating and lessons. She told me about the various programs and then started asking me which moves I could do. I feel self conscious about this. In college I had figure skating lessons, but we didn't spend a lot of time on basic edge work and stroking, although I was working on jumps -- I was up to loops. In hindsight, I wish that I had a better foundation for edges and basic skating. I think I'm somewhere between Adult 2 and Adult 3 in the USFSA Basic Skills program -- I'd have to test to find out. It was nice to get an idea of where I would fit in the program. Unfortunately, I won't have time for lessons over the next 6 months so. Next step for me is to go out on figure skates the next time I skate -- whenever that is...

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