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Sun, 17 Aug 2003
UK Matrix Revolutions Trailer
I found this trailer today. IF you don't have an MPEG codec, you can use the VLC media player to play it.
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Get me an intellectual roach motel...
Philip Greenspun quotes Paul Saffo on Microsoft and innovation:
We've got a couple of gorillas holding back innovation. Microsoft is a big intellectual roach motel. All the big minds go in and they don't come out.
Philp then goes on to opine:
Of course Saffo doesn't address the question of what alternatives the big minds have. If they want to work at a software products company and have a reasonable chance of getting their creation into the hands of customers, the choices pretty much boil down to Microsoft or some company that is likely to be put out of business soon by Microsoft.
What does Microsoft offer big minds that attracts them? I can see two big draws. Virtually unlimited resources and the opportunity to get good ideas into a product that gets in front of 90% of the computer users in the world.

All of the open source communities (and yes, there is more than one) collectively can provide the chance to get good ideas into a bunch of products that have the potential to be as good as what Microsoft is doing now. The problem is the community isn't co-ordinated, and has limited resources (at least as far as big minds are concerned). It seems to me that the question that the open source movement needs answer is: What does it take for open source to become an intellectual roach motel? How can we make it compelling for "big minds" to come in, and never want to go back out?

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We reserve the right to refuse service...
Chuq has arrived at a succinct description of post list-mom community life...
So the trick is to create an environment where people understand what's expected of them as far as limits to their behavior, and then get out of the way unless they violate those limitations.

the user has the right to use a service in the way that makes them happy as long as the owner gives them access to the service.

the owner has the right to refuse to allow a user to use a service if the way they use it is against the owner's wishes.

the owner has the responsibilty to deineate those rules and restrictions as simply and understandably as they can, and an implied responsibility to not set unneccessary and arbitrary restrictions.

users have the responsibilty to accept and abide by restrictions or not use the service.

And like the person who refuses to turn off the boom box in the restaurant when asked, users that won't accept the rules will find themselves escorted off the premises, to prevent them from ruining the dining of the rest of the customers.

The group is more important than the individual. And the individual that does not accept that is not welcome in the group....

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New Aggregator versions
Juri Pakaste has announced the availability of Straw 0.19.

Just so you SharpReader users know, the latest version of SharpReader is The Aggregators statistics on my HTML blog page show that lots of you are several versions behind...

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