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Tue, 24 Jun 2003
I'll be offline for a few days. We're going to take advantage of a friend's cabin in Packwood. No internet, no telephone, and no TV reception!
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  • Eric Raymond talks about the relationship between hacking and refactoring, and between the open source community and the agile programming community. It's nice to see someone else picking up on this -- I submitted a talk proposal on open source and agile to OSCON, but it was rejected.
  • ESR's piece then pointed to an old Philip Greenspun piece on professionalism. It's not exactly the hacker ethic, but its related to it.
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.Net quickies
Yasser Shohoud has an interesting article on the relationship of .NET and the WSE:
WSE is logically a part of the .NET Framework. Keeping it physically outside the .NET Framework allows us to ship new versions at a much higher rate than the framework.
This is the kind of modular delivery that I was saying Microsoft wasn't doing, but at least in this particular case, I appear to be wrong. I wonder how many other pieces there are like this one.

Hats off to Chris Brumme for his detailed and informative post on CLR reliability. A double hats off because he knew he would get beat up about it. I don't see the Sun VM people blogging about this kind of thing on java.net.

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Sam's baking pie
Over at Sam's wiki, folks are talking about a roadmap for some work that would unify the various flavors of RSS and build an archiving and blog editing protocol on top of that. I think that seeing some convergence in these areas would be a good thing. I'm not as emphatic on the standardization part -- looks like IETF is the direction at the moment, based on all the uses of Internet Draft.
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