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Fri, 30 May 2003
Open source is about controlling our destiny
A lot of people have pointed out pro open source remarks by the president of India. Dana Blankenhorn restated some of the key points like this:
In other words it is Microsoft, not Linux, which is dangerous to India, because Microsoft can change its mind while India can control whatever it does with Linux.
Open source is not only about the economic aspects, its about the control aspects. Customers of software are at the mercy of vendors of software. As I mentioned a few days ago, I want software vendors to be able to earn a good living (especially since I'm one of them). But I don't want to be at their mercy.

Dana then goes on to sound the horn of doom:

While China may take America's hardware business away, India seems poised to take away our software business. And where would our New World Order be then?
It's not that simple. There are plenty of us here in America who are working in the open source world. We have just as much ability to control our destiny as India does, but we have to decide that we're going to do that.
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Jon Udell: Titles and XPath help us go back to grade school
Jon Udell's OSCOM keynote slides are up. There are a few interesting items in there:
  1. A section on titles in RSS and HTML versions of blog pages (I need to fix this in my blog).
  2. The use of HTML doc titles and URI's to affect search engine results.
  3. His argument for the use of xhtml:body in blog entries.
  4. A nice series of XPath examples, and his repetition of what Joshua Allen and Dare Obasanjo already know about XPath based programming models for XML
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One more reason to look at virtual machine software
I've been following the posts from various Microsofties regarding their use of Virtual PC to quickly get test configurations up and running. Today I came upon an article by security guru Kurt Seifried that discusses using VMWare as the foundation for building honeypots.
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