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Fri, 23 May 2003
My apologies to
John Lambert and Joe Beda Joe Bork who were also at the Crossroads gathering. John and Joe were a part of the conversation that Dare and I were having. Unfortunately, I'm bad at names and didn't write them all down. John Porcaro's blog provided the missing names. Next time I'll write it down, I promise.
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Blogrolls and the "inner circle"
Dana Blankenhorn dropped me a nice note to thank me for referencing his blog. There's something simple about that gesture that warms my heart. From there we got into a discussion about the political process and blogrolls. I'll skip the political process part, but I do want to comment on the blogroll part. Dana and I were talking about the whole blogroll thing and how it is silly to define the success of your blog by your blogroll. I'd also say that it is silly to define the success of your blog by how many blogrolls you are on. That's only reinforced as I read Simon's posts about "cracking the inner circle". Simon, I don't care if you use frames in your blog, or where your blogroll is, or whether I'm on it or not. There are some of us who care about the content. One thing I will say is that I know that you've got more content in there. We've talked when we were both at IBM, and I've seen you speak a few times. You've got things to say and a manner of saying them. Don't give up.
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Carlos strikes again
Carlos (with the help of the E Rights project) has discovered that lambda can be used to create objects. In the interest of helping Carlos, and any other interested parties grok this idea, may I suggest Chapter 3 of The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. You may have to back up to section 3.1, but section 3.2 explains how to make objects out of lambda and state. The designers of Scheme were influenced by Hewitt's work on actors.

Updated: I'm a monkey. I didn't follow all the links in Carlos' article, and missed the fact that the C# delegates article that he refers to was written by my friends Steven Lewis and Wilhelm Fitzpatrick.

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OSCON for sure
I've completed my registration for the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. I'll be in Portland from Tuesday July 8, through Friday July 11. If there's anyone who wants to get together during OSCON, please leave a comment on this entry. I know that Sam and Patrick Logan are going to be there, and I'm interested in a what's next discussion.
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