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Sun, 18 May 2003
The functions of journalism are alive and well
Jon Udell's blog for yesterday ends with this:
A great deal has been said and written about weblogs and journalism, but I've not seen the following point articulated clearly. In a world full of weblogs, written from all kinds of perspectives, information and opinion are commodities. But selection, analysis, synthesis, and coherent storytelling -- the highest and best functions of journalism -- are arguably more valuable than ever. That value cannot be delivered from an ivory tower, though. It must flow from an intense collaboration with what Dan Gillmor calls the former audience.
I agree with this. The best bloggers are already doing selection, analysis, synthesis and storytelling. The functions of journalism aren't dead. The just aren't reserved for "professional" journalists anymore.
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More language stuff
Glenn Vanderburg reports a dynamic typing debate during a panel at the Rocky Mountain Software Symposium. It's good to see more and more people being able to question their assumptions.

Chris Double found an article describing why the Rebol developers took continuations and tail-call elimination out of Rebol. A lot of the reason has to do with a switch in interpreter implementations, that makes it much harder for the Rebol folks to keep continuations and have good performance. The other reason, at least for continuations is that it would be much harder to interoperate with existing OS and GUI libraries. I can see that it might not make financial sense for the Rebol folks to do the work to put these features back in, at least for now. Maybe if dynamic languages really have a reneaissance, they'll change their minds.

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