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Wed, 12 Mar 2003
Copy and Paste finder
We've started a design patterns study group here on Bainbridge Island, and the first meeting tonight. One of the topics that came up tonight (tangentially) was the subject of copy and paste code. Tonight's Aggie run brought an article on CPD via Erik Thauvin whose blog is always a good source of java related info. CPD is built into PMD and there's support for PMD in Eclipse, so....
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Fiber to the home hits Slashdot
There's a Slashdot article pointing out DONOBi, an ISP providing internet service for fiber to the home in Mason County. DONOBi is also working with Kitsap county to do the same. When the Bainbridge Island fiber backbone goes in, it will be part of the Kitsap county backbone.

Apparently Mason, Grant, and Kitsap counties in Washington are doing fiber to the home projects. Odd to read Slashdot to find out what's going on in your backyard.

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Blog software from around the sphere
David Czarnecki states his reasons for not using a database to store blojsom's entries. Most of the reasons that he lists are quality of implementation issues in other blogs.

I have a different take. The reason that I liked blosxom's filesystem based approach is that ultimately, I view my blog as a part of my personal information infrastructure. And I want to be able to take that infrastructure with me wherever I go (especially after today's Centrino launch). The biggest problem that I have with using a regular SQL database is the disconnected operation problem. The blog has to be up and running on the web all the time. But I want to be able to work on entries on an airplane or on the ferry, and I want an easy way of synchronizing the web version and my private version. I'd rather not write a database synchronization package. So at the moment, the use of the blosxom filesystem seems to be the best that I can do. But the nasty mtime sorting is really a pain.

Sam took me to task for the nasty way that I'm storing comments in my prototype comment system for pyblosxom. He's right of course, but that leads me to another nasty point. I'd like to store the comments as RSS items. But then it feels weird to me to be storing the articles themselves as text. Especially if there ends up being a blog API based on delivering RSS Items via HTTP or SOAP.

Joe Gregario posted the latest version of Pamphlet. I'm using Joe's wonderful Aggie as my aggregator, and I've been paying attention to what he's been doing with RESTLog.

My biggest gripes with pyblosxom as it is are:

  • Comments are non-existent as are trackbacks and pingbacks (but I'm working on all of these)
  • The UI for posting is bad (fixable via a CGI form)
  • The UI for editing is bad (also fixable via CGI form)
  • Can't support multiple categories
  • No support for private entries
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Io = NewtonScript + Self + ...
In a previous life I worked on the Apple Newton Messagepad. So when I saw that Io had a new web site, I had to go take a look.
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That's Jak & Dexter, not Crash Bandicoot
Turns out there's more to the Lisp and console game story. Crash Bandicoot used Lisp to script a C game engine -- so that doesn't count. But in Jak & Dexter, Lisp is used to create a compiler for a Scheme like Game Object Assembly Lisp (GOAL). Sometimes its nice to get the facts...
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