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Fri, 14 Feb 2003
Multiple Monitors
John Lam is writing about his move to multiple monitors. He's using UltraMon, which is staple on my desktop machine. I've never played much with Hydravision, even though the main card in my machine is an ATI AIW 8500DV. I got mine before ATI really started shaping up their drivers -- even now, I'm a bit reluctant to upgrade my ATI drivers, for fear that something will stop working. But the multiple desktops might get me to try again.

My setup is an AGP ATI AIW 8500DV and a PCI eVGA GeForce 2MX. I tried a bunch of cards before I settled on this combination, which is mostly stable, although I have had some WinXP failures related to the ATI drivers. The ATI is connected to a 21" Cornerstone p1650 @ 1800x1440 (I tried 1920x1440 -- too small, even for me) and the GeForce is connected to a 21" Hitachi 801 @ 1600x1200. This setup is invaluable when working on a web application because I can keep Eclipse on the main display, and put a browser and vnc/ssh on the secondary display.
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Cool Eclipse Tech Support
I filed Eclipse bugs for some of the wishes that I mentioned in yesterdays post, and this morning I had a bugzilla dialog with the Eclipse folks on one of the features. I wanted the ability to commit from the differences UI. I've mostly been using Eclipse's CVS functionality via right clicks on files and packages in the Java Package view. Turns out that the Synchronize with repository view allows you to do what I want. I just never used that view before.

For those interested in how to do it, here's the steps:

  1. From the Java Perspective right click a file/package and select Team->Synchronize Outgoing Changes
  2. To compare the version you're check in with what's in the repository, expand the folders containing the resource you're interested in checking in
  3. Double click the resource to open the Java Structure Compare and Java Source Compare
  4. Read what you've changed
  5. Go back to the Struture Compare and right click, then select "Commit"
Voila! Now that's what I call tech support - via bugzilla no less.

The last thing is that the Synchronize view comes up squished into the same pane as the tasks and console. To fix this, right click on the title of the Synchronize view and select "Fast View" to put it over in the Perspective bar on the left.

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